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An Open Letter to the People of Canada

7 September 2016

We condemn the actions by Chevron and stand with the affected communities in Ecuador who continue their decades long quest for justice from Chevron for its deliberate contamination of the Amazon rainforest. In its efforts to evade justice Chevron has repeatedly sought to silence critics and continues to ignore the $9.5 billion judgment against it for environmental damage in the Ecuadorian Amazon.     Read more...

Analysis: Flawed Second Circuit Decision Will Not Stop Seizure of Chevron Assets in Canada

Brief Analysis of Second Circuit Decision in Chevron RICO Case
9 August 2016

The Second Circuit opinion is only a victory for Chevron if Canadian courts lie down and defer entirely to the findings of US courts that improperly inserted themselves in the judgment enforcement process to protect a US company.     Read more...

UDAPT Open Letters and Statements for Chevron's 2016 AGM

16 May 2015

In the framework of the Global Anti-Chevron Day and Chevron's Annual General Meeting of shareholders, UDAPT has prepared two letters addressed to specific groups of Chevron investors who are generally responsive to environmental topics: pension funds and religious groups.     Read more...

Chevron Test Results From Ecuador Court Record

1 May 2014

Official test results taken by Chevron's independent experts and submitted to an Ecuador court which show extensive contamination of the environment with toxic chemicals and metals resulting from Chevron's oil exploration.     Read more...

Chevron's Mockery of Justice

How the oil giant's RICO decision suffers from five fatal flaws
April 2014

This document details five reasons why Judge Kaplan’s decision is fatally flawed, unlikely to survive appeal, and unlikely to have a wider impact on enforcement actions in other jurisdictions.     Read more...

In the Dark

Chevron's Misrepresentations in Public Filings Regarding Its $19.04 Billion Environmental Liability in Ecuador
May 2013

Chevron is currently in default of a $19 billion civil judgment over environmental contamination left in Ecuador when it operated there under the Texaco brand from 1964 to 1992. Chevron's refusal to comply with its court-ordered legal obligation in Ecuador forced the plaintiffs in 2012 to file enforcement actions targeting approximately $20 billion in Chevron assets located in Canada, Brazil and Argentina. Rather than disclose the risks faced by Chevron due to its default, CEO John Watson and his senior management have chosen to keep their shareholders and the financial markets in the dark by misrepresenting basic facts in its public disclosures.     Read more...

David v. Goliath: A Scorecard

May 2013

As Chevron's armies of lawyers bully and maneuver in New York's Southern District, it is easy to forget that the fraud case brought there by Chevron is just a sideshow. The real action that likely will bring Chevron to the bargaining table or to finally paying the full judgment from the courts of Ecuador is going on around the world.     Read more...

Chevron Ecuador Risk Analysis Report

An Analysis of the Financial and Operational Risks to Chevron Corporation from Aguinda v. ChevronTexaco
May 2012 | An independent report commissioned by Oil Change International

This report asserts that Chevron's $18 billion Ecuador environmental liability poses a threat of "irreparable damage" to the oil major's global operations if the plaintiffs make good on their promise to launch legal actions to enforce the judgment in countries where Chevron has billions of dollars in assets.     Read more...

Chevron's Misrepresentations in Public Filings Regarding its $18.1 Billion Environmental Liability in Ecuador

April 2012

This memo presents evidence and analysis that Chevron's management is publishing false or materially misleading information regarding its $18.1 billion adverse judgment in Ecuador for causing environmental damage.     Read more...

Clean Up Ecuador Campaign Briefing Paper

Understanding Recent Developments in the Landmark Chevron-Ecuador Case
Spring 2012 | Amazon Watch

After 19 years of litigation, the monumental class action lawsuit against oil giant Chevron for environmental devastation in the Ecuadorian Amazon is nearing an end. In January, an Ecuadorian appeals court confirmed an $18 billion judgment against Chevron, exceeded in size only by BP's expected outlay for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.     Read more...