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Chevron's SLAPP Suit Against Ecuadorians: Corporate Intimidation

11 May 2018 | Greenpeace

In perhaps the most vindictive SLAPP in history, Chevron – one of the world's largest corporations, with over $260 billion in assets – found a sympathetic New York judge to accept a RICO lawsuit against the victims of its vast oil pollution in Ecuador's Amazon basin.     Read more...

Chevron Accused of $2 Million Witness Bribery Plot in Ecuador Pollution Case

Justice Department urged to launch criminal probe after tribes submit evidence of Chevron's fabrication of witness testimony
31 January 2018 | AlterNet

Indigenous and farmer communities living in Ecuador's rainforest have sent the U.S. Department of Justice what they say is evidence of Chevron's fabrication of witness testimony and fraud during a RICO case in which U.S. federal judge Lewis A. Kaplan ruled in favor of the oil giant.     Read more...