Chevron in Ecuador

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Indigenous Ecuadorian Leader Confronts Chevron CEO at Shareholder Meeting

Rising Up with Sonali
25 May 2016

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In 1993, tens of thousands of native Ecuadorians filed a civil suit against oil giant Texaco, alleging that the corporation's activity in the country's north-east Lago Agrio oil fields resulted in the poisoning of drinking water, For decades the multi-national oil corporation Chevron, operated in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest, leaving behind massive environmental devastation. But local indigenous communities and environmental groups took the company to court and won an historic judgment, ordering Chevron to pay billions clean it up. Chevron simply refused, prompting years of protest. Now, indigenous Ecuadoran leader, Humberto Piaguaje is traveling all the way to Richmond, California to confront Chevron CEO John Watson at the company’s annual shareholder meeting. The years-long battle will now play out both inside and outside the meeting on May 25th.

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