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Affected Peoples from Ecuador and Richmond Along With Growing Worldwide Coalition Confront Chevron at Annual Shareholder Meeting

Company management to be confronted with multiple resolutions on corporate accountability, climate change, political funding and environmental protection

Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch
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WHAT: A growing coalition of communities affected by Chevron’s operations and environmental organizations will return to Chevron’s Annual Shareholders Meeting to denounce the company’s pattern of human rights abuses, environmental destruction, and attacks on democracy. Hundreds of thousands of signatures will be delivered to Chevron’s doorstep at the Wednesday meeting demanding change in the company’s policies and practices around world.

WHO: True Cost of Chevron Network – Amazon Watch, Sierra Club, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Richmond Progressive Alliance, Justice in Nigeria Now, Friends of the Earth, Sunflower Alliance,, Communities for a Better Environment, Pachamama Alliance, Center for Environmental Health, Earthworks, Rainforest Action Network, Greenaction, Global Exchange, 350 Bay Area, Corporate Accountability International...

WHERE: Chevron World Headquarters, 6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd., San Ramon

WHEN: Wednesday, May 27th, 7:30am - 10am PDT

San Ramon, CA – On May 27th, at Chevron World Headquarters, representatives of communities affected by Chevron's environmental destruction and disregard for human rights will return to Chevron's Annual Shareholders Meeting in San Ramon, CA. Attendees are from a growing network of organizations confronting Chevron on its corporate misdeeds and disregard for the environment and human rights. Two representatives come directly from communities suffering negative health impacts from Chevron's pollution. Other organizations will speak in support of multiple shareholder resolutions regarding the environment, climate change and corporate accountability. Over 200,000 petition signatures calling for Chevron to pay the $9.5 Ecuadorian judgment against it will be delivered.

Chevron's corporate actions are contrary to a healthy planet, healthy communities and a just world. We stand opposed to Chevron's choices to pollute our communities, our land, and our water, to use their toxic influence to buy political power, fuel climate disruption, abuse the justice system and attack its critics and victims of its contamination. We support shareholders calling for a change in Chevron's culture of deception, corruption and destruction.

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