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Statement of Amazon Defense Coalition Over Allegations by Chevron in $27B Ecuador Environmental Case

Amazon Defense Coalition

Amazon Defense Coalition
Contact: Karen Hinton at +1.703.798.3109

Washington, DC – Statement from Karen Hinton, spokeswoman from Amazon Defense Coalition:

"The legal and scientific case against Chevron in Ecuador stands on the merits. The court-ordered damages assessment, ordered by a previous judge, found that 100% of Chevron’s former sites are contaminated with life-threatening toxins. On that basis, we believe Chevron is now liable for significant damages.

"We understand the seriousness of Chevron’s allegations. An appropriate investigation will determine whether the allegations are true or if they are the product of a dirty tricks campaign designed and financed by the company. It is clear from Chevron’s information that a former Chevron contractor appears to have been complicit in executing a bribery scheme involving an alleged official of a political party. It also seems clear from a review of Chevron’s transcripts – whose authenticity has yet to be verified – that the judge continually resisted the attempted bribery scheme put to him by a former Chevron contractor.

"It is the experience of the plaintiffs that Chevron has a long history of corrupt acts in Ecuador to evade accountability for its reckless environmental practices. The video seems to fit squarely into Chevron’s historic pattern of corruption in Ecuador. Ultimately, an investigation will determine the facts and Chevron’s role in this episode.

"If an investigation shows there is a problem, there are judicial mechanisms to address procedural problems in Ecuador that will preserve the integrity of the trial process. We have full confidence in the Ecuadorian judicial system, as does Chevron, given the case is taking place in Ecuador at the company’s request."