Chevron in Ecuador

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News and Multimedia from 2002

"Yana Curi" Report on Health Impacts of Oil Activity

Report providing an overview of negative health impacts suffered in the Oriente in the presence of oil development.     Read more...

Natives Seek Redress for Pollution

Ecuadorans Blame Texaco for Environmental Destruction
10 December 2002 | Oakland Tribune

Oil drilling has so damaged the environment in Ecuador that water is contaminated, few fish or game are edible and cancer cases are on the rise, tribal leaders from Ecuador and U.S. activists alleged Monday.     Read more...

ChevronTexaco: Clean Up Ecuador TV Ad

ChevronTexaco: Clean Up Ecuador TV Ad

December 2002

30 second PSA narrated by Cary Elwes     

ChevronTexaco: Ecuador's Black Plague

ChevronTexaco: Ecuador's Black Plague

December 2002

Exposing toxic pollution in the Amazon    

Original 1993 Legal Complaint

November 1993

This is the complaint filed against Texaco in New York in 1993. It was the basis for the original Aguinda v. Texaco case, the precursor to the current trial in Ecuador.     Read more...

Pregnancy and Oil Contamination

October 2002 | International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health

This report, published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health by Miguel San Sebastián, PhD, Ben Armstrong, PhD and Carolyn Stephens, PhD., details tests that determined toxic levels of contaminants in drinking water produced higher levels of spontaneous abortion than in areas with non-toxic drinking water.     Read more...

Texaco Memo

Company Destroyed Records of Oil Spills
17 July 1972

This 1972 memo submitted to the court reveals that Texaco's policy while operating in Ecuador was to hide evidence of oil spills, by destroying some records and deliberately not keeping others. This strongly indicates that Texaco knew it was conducting a polluting operation from the start.     Read more...

Amazon Residents Pursue Case Against Texaco

14 March 2002 | Oil Daily

An appeal being heard by a US District Court in New York, filed by thousands of residents of Ecuador's Amazon region against Texaco, may result in the first time that an US corporation is held accountable in this country for environmental damages caused in another country.     Read more...

Just Tourists on Broadway, but Barefoot and Craving Roast Monkey

12 March 2002 | New York Times

Ecuadorean Indians traveled about 3,000 miles to attend a hearing in court in Manhattan about a lawsuit over pollution on their land. One hopes to visit ground zero.     Read more...

Lawyer for Ecuador Urges Case Against Texaco Be Tried in United States

11 March 2002 | Associated Press

A lawyer for Ecuador urged a federal appeals court on Monday to let lawsuits seeking more than a billion dollars brought by Ecuadorean Indians against Texaco Inc. proceed in the United States.     Read more...

Map of Texaco Concession

Map showing Texaco's former concession area in Ecuador, spanning the watersheds of the Aguarico and Napo rivers, and the locations of oil fields within the concession area.     Read more...

Geographical Differences in Cancer Incidence in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador in Relation to Residence Near Oil Fields

International Journal of Epidemiology of the International Epidemiological Association

This report on a study completed by Anna-Karin Hurtig and Miguel San Sebastián was printed in the UK by the International Journal of Epidemiology of the International Epidemiological Association. It examines the link between cancer risk and exposure to oil operations in the Ecuadorian Amazon.     Read more...